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Giant Riding War Gecko

Posed , rendered and some "post production" (don't know much about) in photoshop done ... Almost finished in the absence of some corrections . Before the final render didn't know how to work with planes and alphas to create the feathers, so got some renders with and sculpted ones.

Suuuper HYPED for everything learned . Thanks to all those hours in front of the PC , to all the mentors , and above all ,to the classmates for the thousand doubts solved and to show this high level that make me give my 110% !!

Based on Operion's Concept Art "Giant Riding Gecko"

Supervised by :

- Vladimir Minguillo.
Modeller en Double Negative

- Angel Roman
Senior Character Artist at Mercury Steam

- Javier Blanco Ruiz.
3D Modeler & Texture Artist en ILM

- Claudia Torres